Terms and Conditions

If you like to download any pdf from banglabookspdf or want to read any pdf from our site, you need to respect our Terms and Conditions of banglabookspdf.com as well as follow our rules.

Terms and Conditions of banglabookspdf.com

Our object is the books will be read by all. We want to make books readers. We have no personal or business purpose to share. We just tried to collect the books in one place from the internet. If any person or organization downloads and stores books for evil purposes and prepares and sells them, it is the responsibility of the downloader. We do not store soft copies of any books, we only share download links. We are not responsible for the copyright of the books.

If the respective publisher or author has objection to any book published on our site, please email info@banglabookspdf.com with the link. The link will be removed as soon as possible.

Our Terms and Conditions:

1. We do not store soft copies of any books.
2. We do not create PDF or digital format of any book.
3. We only collect and edit ebooks from various Facebook groups (eg Book Lovers Polapine, Malat), websites (eg BanglaPDF, Boighar, Banglabook), search engines.
4. We do not bear any responsibility regarding copyright.

To download books from our site, the following terms and conditions must be followed:
1. We do not bear any responsibility regarding copyright. Copyright responsibility rests with the respective PDF scanners and downloaders.
2. No books may be downloaded or stored for sale.
3. Books should be downloaded for educational or entertainment purposes only.
4. The hard copy of the book should be bought and read or goodwill should be paid to the publisher or the author.
5. If someone downloads and stores the book for dishonest purposes and prepares and markets it, the responsibility lies with the respective downloader.

For the requester of the PDF
1. PDF cannot be requested before five (05) years of first publication of the book.
2. The current month’s magazine is not shared.

Terms and Conditions must be followed.